Install rclone

You can install rclone either for all users on a system or for a single user.

Install rclone System-Wide

Assuming you have administrative priviledges, you can install rclone across your system.

  • On Oracle Linux 7, install rclone by using yum:
    $ sudo yum install -y rclone
  • On other Linux distributions, use the installation script provided by rclone. Download and run that script to install the latest version of rclone system-wide:
    $ curl | sudo bash

Install rclone for Individual Use

If you don’t have administrative privileges or don’t want to install rclone system-wide, you can download the latest binary and use it directly.

Use the following string of commands to download rclone, create a /bin directory in your home folder, and add it to your PATH environment variable:
$ mkdir ~/Temp
$ cd ~/Temp/
$ curl -O
$ unzip
$ cd rclone-*-linux-amd64
$ mkdir ~/bin
$ cp rclone ~/bin/
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/bin
$ echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/bin' >> ~/.bashrc # Optional, only if you want to add it to
your path at every login 


PATH is reset when you log out unless you put it to your .bashrc