Manage Your Operating Systems

Understand and adopt procedures that keep your operating systems current with the latest OS and security patches.

Check Exposure to Known Vulnerabilities

Regularly check Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) to determine the level of exposure in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. CVEs provide standard names for publicly known security vulnerabilities and exposures that are cataloged in a dictionary-type format for reference.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management service offers a CVE search facility that enables you to search for a CVE, to see the packages and instances affected by the CVE, and to push out package updates to instances to patch them.

Stay Up-to-Date with Security Patches, Bug Fixes, and Enhancement Updates

Ensure compliance by keeping track of security updates and bug fixes that address security vulnerabilities found during development, testing, or reported by users.

In addition to security and bug fixes, take advantage of enhancement updates that introduce new features, improve functionality, or enhance performance in the package's software.

  • Easily search for, install, and remove packages
  • View inventory of installed and available packages and updates

Automate OS Patch Management

Automate patch management to reduce manual administration tasks and OS management complexity. Automating can reduce human error and operation costs.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management service helps you automate OS updates and patch management on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances.

  • View and install security, bug and enhancement updates

  • Patch individual or groups of OS instances

  • Schedule OS management jobs to run immediately, in the future, or at regular intervals