Tune and Monitor Network Parameters

The optimal network solution for a system varies based on latency, throughput requirements, redundancy, and so on. The network solution you implement can impact the performance of your application.

Learn About Network Impact On Application Performance

Evaluate your application and understand how network-related decisions impact its performance. For example, network latency often impacts the user experience.

Learn About Available Networking Services and Features

Understand the available networking products and how they can impact network performance. Measure the impact of these features through testing, metrics, and analysis.
  • Compute Shapes:

    A shape is a template that determines the number of CPUs, amount of memory, and other resources allocated to a newly created instance. Each compute shape has a pre-defined maximum network bandwidth. Understand and choose your compute shapes based upon the required network throughput.

  • Service Gateway:

    A service gateway lets your virtual cloud network (VCN) privately access specific Oracle services without exposing the data to the public internet. No internet gateway or NAT is required to reach those specific services. The resources in the VCN can be in a private subnet and use only private IP addresses. The traffic from the VCN to the Oracle service travels over the Oracle network fabric and never traverses the internet.

  • FastConnect:

    A dedicated connectivity to your on-premises data center. If you require reliable consistent network performance, choose FastConnect over VPN solutions.

Learn About the Impact of Stateful Security Lists

Security lists contain stateless and stateful rules. Use stateless rules where it is expected to have large number of connections to avoid performance impact due to connection tracking. For example, use stateless rules for external facing components.

Learn About and Leverage SSL Termination Features

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing can handle incoming SSL traffic and pass the unencrypted request to a backend server. This can improve performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure load balancers can route traffic to multiple backends to provide elasticity to your application.

Choose a Region Location Based On Networking Requirements

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services are offered globally in multiple, geographically distant regions. Select a region that enables you to fulfill your network requirements.

Learn About Networking Metrics

Use data to analyze and make informed decisions about optimizing your network configuration. The Monitoring service provides several networking-related metrics.