This diagram shows the progression in a data-driven solution from strategic intent to measurable strategic outcome. The progression includes six steps that span three conceptual stages.

The progression comprises the following six data management steps listed in sequence:
  1. Discover and Understand
  2. Ingest
  3. Transform
  4. Refine
  5. Analyze, Predict, and Measure
  6. Act

The conceptual stages are listed in sequence:

  1. Understand (Data Science-driven Characteristics): Spans the data management steps Discover and Understand and Ingest.

    Data science methodologies identify and validate data from all available sources so the enterprise can leverage the data to produce insights and measurable value.

  2. Manage (Technology-driven Characteristics): Spans the data management steps Ingest, Transform, Curate, and Analyze, Predict, and Measure.

    A flexible and efficient technology platform stores and transforms the data for high-value outcomes based on the ever-increasing and changing flow of data.

  3. Exploit (Development-driven Characteristics): Spans the data management steps Analyze, Predict, and Measure And Act.

    Advanced analytics and visualization methods leverage the data to help produce new models, services, and experiences that address the enterprise's key performance indicators (KPI).