This image shows an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compartment 3 availability domains, 2 virtual cloud networks (VCNs), with additional resources provided at the compartment level.

3 types of external access to the OCI compartment are shown:

The compartment provides the following services:

VCN 1: The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) VCN provides internet, NAT, and service gateways and the following subnets with security lists and route tables.

Requests and data coming from the OKE VCN use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry, Key Vault, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage for manual database backup buckets, and Oracle Analytics Cloud at the compartment level

VCN 2: The Blockchain VCN has a single subnet with a Blockchain primary node VM, and the following resources in an organizational group: