This image shows an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (Hyperion) topology deployed in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region. All the resources are in a single availability domain and attached to a single virtual cloud network (VCN)

A dynamic routing gateway (DRG) provides private connectivity using FastConnect to the customer's data center.

The VCN has two subnets: a web application subnet, and a database subnet
  • The web application subnet has the following components:
    • A load balancer that manages traffic to the Hyperion foundation servers
    • Compute VMs that host the following components:
      • Two Hyperion foundation servers that manage traffic to the other servers and to the database
      • Three Hyperion Essbase servers
      • Two VMs running Hyperion planning, forecasting and budgeting modules
      • A file server
  • The database subnet has a database.

  • Security lists are used to regulate network traffic to each subnet.

  • Route tables forward traffic from the VCN to the DRG.