About the Integration

Learn how integrating Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud, and other applications works.

The following diagram describes the task flow when you use Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service and Oracle Integration Cloud to synchronize opening and closing of financial periods across applications.

Description of cm_custom_integration_flow.png follows
Description of the illustration cm_custom_integration_flow.png
  1. First, you set up an Oracle Integration Cloud connection in Close Manager. Then in Close Manager you create a connection, create an integration type, and create a task type.
  2. Next, you create connections in Oracle Integration Cloud using the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud adapter and the applications for which you want to synchronize financial reporting periods, like Oracle Financials Cloud. Then design and activate the integration flow. You can verify the integration deployment status in Close Manager.
  3. Finally, create tasks, add them to a schedule, and open the schedule in Close Manager. The tasks you define run when the schedule runs. These tasks invoke the integration flow in Oracle Integration Cloud, which opens or closes financial periods in the other applications, and then updates the status of each task in Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service.