This image shows an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region in Vinhedo with a single availability domain that provides disaster recovery for the region in São Paulo. Additional details are provided in the surrounding text.

The region has 3 virtual cloud networks (VCNs) that use local peering gateways to communicate with each other using private IP addresses without the traffic traversing the internet or routing through an on-premises network.

DTVM_VCN_HUB: Includes a dynamic routing gateway (DRG) that provides private connectivity between on-premises networks (Trinus, B3, Investment Portal Partner, and RFSN Partner) by using site-to-site VPN or FastConnect. The VCN has frontend and backend subnets with a FortiGate firewall, security lists, and route tables.

DTVM_VCN_DR: Includes 2 subnets with security lists and route tables:
  • SUBNET_DR_APP: Contains virtual machines running applications.
  • SUBNET_DR_DB: Contains multiple database instances.

DTVM_VCN_B3_PRD: Includes 1 subnet with a virtual machine, security lists, and route tables.