This image shows a single region, availability domain, and virtual cloud network (VCN). The following services and features are provided for the region:
  • Identity and access management
  • Auditing
The virtual cloud network (VCN) has an internet gateway for communications between public subnets and internet hosts. The VCN also includes two subnets:
  • Subnet B: Backend Load-Balanced Web Servers: Oracle Functions collects encrypted sensor data from the waste bins, decrypts the data by using Python code inside the function, and then stores the data in the backend system. A load balancer handles data traffic from Oracle Functions and the data is stored in a Docker application.
  • Subnet A: Frontend Load-Balanced Web Servers: A load balancer handles user traffic to a dashboard application, where users can quickly and easily monitor waste volumes, and determine the best time to collect the waste from the bins.