Capacity: Meta Device Capacity Bytes Used (BUI)

This statistic shows the amount of bytes used on a meta device, broken down by pool name. This statistic provides trending data, similar to the statistic Capacity: Capacity Bytes Used (BUI).

Use this statistic to monitor meta device storage used as bytes, examine the trend of meta device usage, and to alert when capacity reaches a specific threshold.

This statistic is useful only when meta devices are configured for data deduplication.

When to Check Capacity Bytes Used

This statistic can be used as a threshold alert for the used meta device capacity, in bytes. A high capacity of bytes used indicates a need to add more meta devices to the configuration. If the threshold is exceeded and an alert is triggered, you can mitigate the situation before a meta device becomes too full and performance is impacted.

Capacity Bytes Used Breakdown

Pool - Name of the pool for which the capacity trend is shown