Setting a Hostname Lookup Policy (CLI)

Use the following task to enable or disable a hostname lookup policy for statistics that are broken down by client or by hostname. Enabling hostname lookup performs hostname resolution for each IP address in the breakdown, and then stores and displays the data by hostname. This is the default setting.

Disabling hostname lookup saves all client breakdowns by their IP addresses, which reduces overhead and improves performance.

Changing the hostname lookup policy results in a breakdown that contains both hostnames and IP addresses. For example, if you disable hostname lookup and then enable it, the old breakdowns display as IP addresses and the new breakdowns display as hostnames.

  1. Go to analytics settings.
    hostname:> analytics settings
  2. Enter show.
    hostname:analytics settings> show
                retain_second_data = 1 weeks
                retain_minute_data = 2 weeks
                  retain_hour_data = 730 days
                   hostname_lookup = true
  3. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To save client breakdowns by hostname: Ensure the policy is set to true. If not, enter set hostname_lookup=true and then enter commit.

      hostname:analytics settings> set hostname_lookup=true
                     hostname_lookup = true (uncommitted)
      hostname:analytics settings> commit
    • To save client breakdowns by IP address: Ensure the policy is set to false. If not, enter set hostname_lookup=false and then enter commit.

      hostname:analytics settings> set hostname_lookup=false
                     hostname_lookup = false (uncommitted)
      hostname:analytics settings> commit