Viewing Available Datasets (CLI)

Use the following procedure to view available datasets using the CLI.

  1. Go to analytics datasets.
  2. Enter show to view a list of active and suspended datasets.

    In the example below, dataset-007 is a temporary statistic because ONDISK size is 0 (zero). All other statistics are archived.


    The names of the statistics are abbreviated versions of what is visible in the BUI. For example, dnlc.accesses is short for Cache: DNLC accesses per second.
    hostname:analytics datasets> show
    dataset-000 active    674K  35.7K arc.accesses[hit/miss]
    dataset-001 active    227K  31.1K arc.l2_accesses[hit/miss]
    dataset-002 active    227K  31.1K arc.l2_size
    dataset-003 active    227K  31.1K arc.size
    dataset-004 active    806K  35.7K arc.size[component]
    dataset-005 active    227K  31.1K cpu.utilization
    dataset-006 active    451K  35.6K cpu.utilization[mode]
    dataset-007 active   57.7K      0 dnlc.accesses
    dataset-008 active    490K  35.6K dnlc.accesses[hit/miss]
    dataset-009 active    227K  31.1K http.reqs
    dataset-010 active    227K  31.1K io.bytes
    dataset-011 active    268K  31.1K io.bytes[op]
    dataset-012 active    227K  31.1K io.ops
  3. To view specific dataset properties, enter select and the name of the dataset.
    hostname:analytics datasets> select dataset-007
  4. Enter show to list the properties for the selected dataset. The properties include when the dataset was created and last accessed. The last access date and time is updated when a dataset is created, read, saved or resumed.
    hostname:analytics dataset-007> show
                     name = dnlc.accesses
                 grouping = Cache
              explanation = DNLC accesses per second
                   incore = 65.5K
                     size = 0
                suspended = false
                    since = m 2020-1-2 08:30:11
              last_access = 2020-10-3 01:35:47