Worksheet Tips

  • If you want to save a worksheet that displays an interesting event, make sure the statistics are paused first (sync all statistics, then hit pause). Otherwise, the graphs will continue to scroll, and when you open the worksheet later, the event might no longer be on the screen.

  • If you analyze issues after the fact, you will be restricted to the datasets that were already being archived. Visual correlations can be made between them when the time axis is synchronized. If the same pattern is visible in different statistics, there is a good chance that it is related activity.

  • Be patient when zooming out to the month view and longer. Analytics effectively manages long periods of data; however, there can be delays when zooming out to long periods.

  • When a worksheet is saved on one node in a clustered system, a copy of the worksheet with the same title is propagated to the peer. To permanently save the worksheet statistics on the peer, click Save.