Oracle® Linux Virtualization Manager

Administration Guide

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June 2020

Table of Contents

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Global Configuration
Administering User Accounts from the Administration Portal
Adding VM Portal Permissions to a User
Removing Users and Groups
Assigning Permissions to Users and Groups
Creating a Custom Role
Administering User and Group Accounts from the Command Line
Creating a New User Account
Setting the Password for a User Account
Editing User Information
Viewing User Information
Removing a User
Disabling User Accounts
Creating Group Accounts
Removing a Group Account
Querying Users and Groups
Managing Account Settings
Administration Tasks
Data Centers
Creating a New Data Center
Creating a New Cluster
Customizing vNIC Profiles for Virtual Machines
Preparing Local Storage for a KVM Host
Configuring a KVM Host to Use Local Storage
Preparing NFS Storage
Attaching an NFS Data Domain
Adding an FC Data Domain
Virtual Machines
Live Editing a Virtual Machine
Creating a Snapshot of a Virtual Machine
Restoring a Virtual Machine from a Snapshot
Creating a Virtual Machine from a Snapshot
Deleting a Snapshot
Migrating Virtual Machines between Hosts
Encrypted Communication
Replacing the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager Apache SSL Certificate
Event Notifications
Configuring Event Notification Services on the Engine
Creating Event Notifications in the Administration Portal
Canceling Event Notifications in the Administration Portal
Configuring the Engine to Send SNMP Traps
Deployment Optimization
Optimizing Clusters, Hosts and Virtual Machines
Configuring Memory and CPUs
Configuring a Highly Available Host
Configuring a Highly Available Virtual Machine
Hot Plugging Devices on Virtual Machines
Hot Plugging vCPUs
Hot Plugging Virtual Memory