Self-Hosted Engine Prerequisites

In addition to the Requirements and Scalability Limits, you must satisfy the following prerequisites before deploying a self-hosted engine.

  • A fully qualified domain name for your engine and host with forward and reverse lookup records set in the DNS.

  • A directory of at least 5 GB on the host for the oVirt Engine Appliance. During the deployment process the /var/tmp directory is checked to see if it has enough space to extract the appliance files. If the /var/tmp directory does not have enough space, you can specify a different directory or mount external storage.


    The VDSM user and KVM group must have read, write, and execute permissions on the directory.

  • Prepared storage of at least 74 GB to be used as a data storage domain dedicated to the engine virtual machine. The data storage domain is created during the self-hosted engine deployment.

    If you are using iSCSI storage, do not use the same iSCSI target for the self-hosted engine storage domain and any additional storage domains.


    When you have a data center with only one active data storage domain and that domain gets corrupted, you are unable to add new data storage domains or remove the corrupted data storage domain. If you have deployed your self-hosted engine in such a data center and its data storage domain gets corrupted, you must redeploy your self-hosted engine.