Adding a KVM Host to the Manager

To add a KVM host to the Manager:

  1. Go to Compute and then click Hosts.

  2. On the Hosts pane, click New.

    The New Host dialog box opens with the General tab selected on the sidebar.

  3. From the Host Cluster drop-down list, select Default.

    For this example scenario, you use the default data center and cluster. If you want to create a new data center or a new cluster, refer to the Data Centers or Clusters tasks in the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: Administration Guide.

  4. For the Name field, enter a name for the new host.

  5. For the Hostname field, enter the host name for the new host. You must use the DNS host name for the host.

  6. For the SSH Port field, the standard SSH port, port 22, is auto-filled.

  7. Under Authentication, select the authentication method to use.

    Oracle recommends that you select SSH PublicKey authentication. If you select this option, copy the key displayed in the SSH PublicKey field to the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the host.

    Otherwise, enter the root user's password to use password authentication.

  8. (Optional) Configure other settings for the new host from the other tabs on the New Host sidebar.


    If you do not want to set any other configuration options now, you can always make changes later by selecting a host from the Hosts pane and clicking Edit.

  9. Click OK to add the host to the data center.

    The host is added to the list of hosts in the Manager. While the Manager is installing the host agent (VDSM) and other required packages on the host, the status of the host is shown as Installing. You can view the progress of the installation in the details pane. When the host is added to the Manager, the host status changes to Up.