KVM Host Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements for Oracle Linux KVM hosts.

  • Oracle Linux 7
    Select Minimal Install as the base environment for the installation.

  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 Update 1 or later

  • 64-bit dual-core CPU
    Recommended: Multiple CPUs

    The CPUs must support either the Intel VT-x or the AMD AMD-V hardware virtualization extensions and the extensions must be enabled in the host's BIOS. The CPUs must also support the No eXecute flag (NX).

  • 2 GB RAM
    Maximum Tested: 12 TB

    The amount of RAM required varies depending on guest operating system requirements, guest application requirements, and guest memory activity and usage.

  • 1 network interface card (NIC) with bandwidth of at least 1 Gbps
    Recommended: 2 or more NICs with bandwidth of at least 1 Gbps

    Multiple NICs are recommended so that NICs can be dedicated for network intensive activities, such as virtual machine migration.

  • 60 GB of locally accessibly, writable disk space dedicated to Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, allocated as follows:



    / (root)

    30 GB


    1 GB


    29 GB

For information about x86-based servers that are certified for Oracle Linux with UEK, see the Hardware Certification List for Oracle Linux and Virtualization.


Do not install any third-party watchdogs on your Oracle Linux KVM hosts, as they can interfere with the watchdog daemon provided by VDSM.

Do not install any other applications on the Oracle Linux KVM hosts as they may interfere with the operation of the KVM hypervisor.

For more details about system requirements and known issues with installation, see: