Chapter 5 Deprecated Features

The following features are marked as deprecated in the upstream release and may be removed in a future release.

  • Log Collector Analyzer Tool.  The Log Collector Analyzer Tool (ovirt-log-collector-analyzer) is a command-line tool that analyzes and reports on the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager environment.

  • Export Storage Domains.  Export domains are temporary storage repositories that are used to copy and move images between data centers and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager environments. Use data domains instead.

  • ISO Storage Domains.  ISO domains store ISO files which you can attach to virtual machines and use to install and boot operating systems and applications. Use data domains instead.

  • ISO Uploader Tool.  The ISO Uploader Tool (engine-iso-uploader) is a command-line tool for uploading ISO images to an ISO storage domain. Use the Administration Portal or the REST API to upload ISO images to data domains instead.

  • ovirt-shell Command Line Interface.  The ovirt-shell command line interface has not been updated to support any new features added to the upstream release since version 4.0. For automation purposes, either use the REST API or another tool such as Ansible.

  • USB Clerk.  USB Clerk is a service that is able to install and uninstall USB drivers in Windows virtual machines. Use the usbdk driver instead.

  • FAILED_QUERIES_NOTIFICATION_RECIPIENTS Variable.  In the event notifications configuration file (/usr/share/ovirt-engine/services/ovirt-engine-notifier/ovirt-engine-notifier.conf), the FAILED_QUERIES_NOTIFICATION_RECIPIENTS variable is deprecated. Use the FILTER variable instead.