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This document is part of the documentation set for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, which is available at https://docs.oracle.com/en/virtualization/oracle-linux-virtualization-manager/.

This documentation set comprises:

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: Release Notes Guide

This document provides a summary of the new features, changes, fixed bugs, and known issues in the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. It contains last-minute information, which may not be included in the main body of documentation.

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: Architecture and Planning Guide

This document provides an architectural overview of Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, prerequisites, and planning information for your environment.

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: Getting Started Guide

This document explains how to install, configure and get started with the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. There is an example scenario that covers some of the basic procedures for setting up the environment, such as, adding hosts and storage, creating virtual machines, configuring networks, working with templates, and backup and restore tasks. In addition, there is information on upgrading your engine and hosts as well as deploying a self-hosted configuration.

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: Administration Guide

This document provides common administrative tasks for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. In addition, you will find information on setting up users and groups, configuring high-availability, memory and CPUs, configuring and using event notifications, configuring vCPUs and virtual memory.

In addition to the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager documentation, you can also refer to the upstream documentation:

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