A.12 add ServerPool

Adds a server pool to a storage repository or to an access group.


add ServerPool instance to { AccessGroup | Repository } instance

Where instance is:

{ id=value | name=value }


This command presents a storage repository to all Oracle VM Servers in a server pool. To present a storage repository to an individual Oracle VM Server, use the add Server command.

This command also adds a server pool to an access group.


The option to add or present an entire server pool is a convenience that automatically selects all of the servers that belong to the specified pool and then performs the action on those servers. There is no actual relationship between the server pool and the repository or access group stored within Oracle VM Manager. This means that if you add a server to a server pool after having presented a repository to the server pool, the repository is not automatically presented to the new server. Equally, removing a server from the server pool does not automatically update the configuration.


The following table shows the available options for this command.



{ AccessGroup | Repository }

The object on which to add or present the server pool.

{ id=value | name=value }

The instance of the object using either the id or name option, for example name=MyServerPool.


Example A.16 Presenting a storage repository to a server pool

OVM> add ServerPool name=MyServerPool to Repository name=MyRepository

Example A.17 Adding a server pool to an access group

OVM> add ServerPool name=MyServerPool to AccessGroup name=MyAccessGroup

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