A.43 create RepositoryExport

Creates a repository export.


create RepositoryExport clientHostName=value name=value repository=value [ description=value ] options=value on Serverinstance

Where instance is:

{ id=value | name=value }


This command creates an export on an Oracle VM Server to enable access for a third party back up tool to back up the contents of an OCFS2-based storage repository .


The following table shows the available options for this command.




The hostname or IP address of the computer for which to grant access to the storage repository contents. This is likely to be the machine on which the third party back up and restore software is running.


A name to identify the export on the file server.


An OCFS2-based storage repository presented to the Oracle VM Server. This is the repository to configure for back up.


Optional description for the export on the file server. value is a maximum of 4,000 characters.

To set an empty description, use description="".


The parameters to include in the NFS mount configuration, for example: rw, async, no_root_squash, wdelay. When no options are specified, the default NFS options on the Oracle VM Server are used.


An Oracle VM Server on which the storage repository is presented.

{ id=value | name=value }

The instance of the object using either the id or name option, for example name=Server.


Example A.58 Creating a repository export on an Oracle VM Server

OVM> create RepositoryExport clientHostName= name="My NFS Export" \
  repository=MyISCSIRepository options="rw, async, no_root_squash" \
  on Server name=MyServer1

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