A.166 setArchiveConfig

Sets the configuration for managing archived statistics.


setArchiveConfig interval=value


This command configures how Oracle VM Manager manages archived statistics. To show the configuration, use the getArchiveConfig command.


The following table shows the available options for this command.




The interval, in minutes, at which Oracle VM Manager deletes archived statistics. Oracle VM Manager uses the statistics hold time to calculate how many archived statistics to delete. For example, you set the hold time to 15 minutes and the archive interval to 2 days. In this case, every 2 days Oracle VM Manager deletes archived statistics that are older than 15 minutes from the current time. The value for this field can be between 30 minutes and 525600 minutes (1 year). The default value is 60 minutes.


Example A.222 Setting the interval to delete archived statistics

OVM> setArchiveConfig interval=1200

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