8.1 Creating a virtual machine from a virtual appliance

  1. When you import a virtual appliance, each virtual machine in the virtual appliance file is unpacked and stored as an VirtualApplianceVm object. The VirtualApplianceVm object is then used to create a virtual machine, not the virtual appliance itself. Use the show VirtualAppliance command to find the name or ID of the new VirtualApplianceVm objects in a virtual appliance.

    OVM> show VirtualAppliance name=myappliance.ova
      Origin = http://example.com/myappliance.ova
      Repository = ID  [Name]
      Virtual Appliance Vm 1 =  ID  [Name]
      Assembly VirtualDisk 1 = ID  [Name]
      Id = ID  [Name]
      Name = myappliance.ova
      Description = Import URL: http://example.com/myappliance.ova
      Locked = false
  2. Create a virtual machine from a VirtualApplianceVm object using the syntax:

    createVmFromVirtualApplianceVm VirtualApplianceVm instance

    Make sure you use the name of the VirtualApplianceVm object created when you imported the virtual appliance, not the name of the VirtualAppliance object.

    For example:

    OVM> createVmFromVirtualApplianceVm VirtualApplianceVm name=MyVm

    For more information on the syntax and usage, see Section A.33, “createVmFromVirtualApplianceVm” .

  3. The previous step creates a virtual machine with the name virtualappliance_name_vm_name, for example: