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1 System Requirements and Preinstallation Instructions

2 Installing Oracle GoldenGate

3 Preparing the Database for Oracle GoldenGate

4 Establishing Oracle GoldenGate Credentials

5 Choosing Capture and Apply Modes

6 Configuring Oracle GoldenGate in a Multitenant Container Database

7 Configuring Capture in Integrated Mode

8 Configuring Capture in Classic Mode

9 Configuring Oracle GoldenGate Apply

10 Additional Oracle GoldenGate Configuration Considerations

11 Additional Configuration Steps for Using Classic Capture

12 Additional Configuration Steps For Using Nonintegrated Replicat

13 Configuring DDL Support

14 Creating Process Groups

15 Instantiating Oracle GoldenGate Replication

16 Managing the DDL Replication Environment

17 Uninstalling Oracle GoldenGate

A Optional Parameters for Integrated Modes

B Configuring a Downstream Mining Database

C Example Downstream Mining Configuration

D Installing Trigger-Based DDL Capture

E Supporting Changes to XML Schemas

F Preparing DBFS for an Active-Active Configuration

G Oracle GoldenGate Installed Components