Valid For

(Oracle) Valid for Extract and Replicat or data pump.


Use EXCLUDETAG tag in your data pump or Replicat parameter file to specify changes to be excluded from trail files. The limitation for this parameter is that the tag value can be up to 2000 hexadecimal digits (0-9A-F) or the plus sign (+). You can have multiple EXCLUDETAG lines, but each EXCLUDETAG should have a single value. By default, Replicat the individual records every change it applies to the database by 00 in both classic mode or integrated mode.Compare with older versions, new trail file contains tag tokens, which would not introduce problems for older trail readers.

Use EXCLUDETAG + to ignore the individual records that are tagged with any redo tag.

To tag the individual records, use the DBOPTIONS parameter with the SETTAG option in the Replicat parameter file. Use these parameters to prevent cycling (loop-back) of Replicat the individual records in a bi-directional configuration or to filter other transactions from capture. The default SETTAG value is 00. Valid value is any single Oracle Streams tag. A tag value can be up to 2000 hexadecimal digits (0-9 A-F) long. For more information about Streams tags, see Oracle Streams Replication Administrator's Guide.




[EXCLUDETAG [tag | NULL] | [+]

Example 1

For Replicat:

excludetag tag

Example 2

For data pumps:

excludetag 00