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Extract data pump and Replicat


Use the SOURCEDEFS parameter to specify the name of a file that contains definitions of source tables or files. Source definitions are required when using Oracle GoldenGate to replicate data between heterogeneous source and targets. Use SOURCEDEFS for one or more of the following processes, depending on your Oracle GoldenGate configuration:

  • A Replicat process on the target system

  • A data pump on a source or intermediary system.

To generate the source-definitions file, use the DEFGEN utility. Transfer the file to the intermediary or target system before starting a data pump or Replicat.

You can have multiple SOURCEDEFS statements in the parameter file if more than one source-definitions file will be used, for example if each SOURCEDEFS file holds the definitions for a distinct application.

See "ASSUMETARGETDEFS" for related information. Do not use SOURCEDEFS and ASSUMETARGETDEFS in the same parameter file.

See Administering Oracle GoldenGate for Windows and UNIX for more information about using data-definitions files.




SOURCEDEFS file_name

The relative or fully qualified name of the file containing the source data definitions.


Example 1   
SOURCEDEFS dirdef\tcust.def
Example 2   
SOURCEDEFS /ggs/dirdef/source_defs