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Extract and Replicat


Use the CHECKPARAMS parameter to test the syntax of a parameter file. To start the test:

  1. Edit the parameter file to add CHECKPARAMS.

  2. (Optional) To verify the tables, add the NODYNAMICRESOLUTION parameter.

  3. Start the process. Without processing data, Oracle GoldenGate audits the syntax. If NODYNAMICRESOLUTION exists, Oracle GoldenGate connects to the database to verify that the tables specified with TABLE or MAP exist. If there is a syntax failure, the process abends with error 190. If the syntax succeeds, the process stops and writes a message to the report file that the parameters processed successfully.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • If the test succeeds, edit the file to remove the CHECKPARAMS parameter and the NODYNAMICRESOLUTION parameter, if used, and then start the process again to begin processing.

    • If the test fails, edit the parameter file to fix the syntax based on the report's findings, and then remove NODYNAMICRESOLUTION and start the process again.

CHECKPARAMS can be positioned anywhere within the parameter file.