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Use the TABLEEXCLUDE parameter with the TABLE and SEQUENCE parameters to explicitly exclude tables and sequences from a wildcard specification. The positioning of TABLEEXCLUDE in relation to parameters that specify files or trails determines its effect. Parameters that specify trails or files are: EXTFILE, RMTFILE, EXTTRAIL, RMTTRAIL. The parameter works as follows:

  • When a TABLEEXCLUDE specification is placed before any TABLE or SEQUENCE parameters, and also before the parameters that specify trails or files, it applies globally to all trails or files, and to all TABLE and SEQUENCE parameters.

  • When a TABLEEXCLUDE specification is placed after a parameter that specifies a trail or file, it is effective only for that trail or file and only for the TABLE or SEQUENCE parameters that are associated with it. Multiple trail or file specifications can be made in a parameter file, each followed by a set of TABLE, SEQUENCE, and TABLEEXCLUDE specifications.

TABLEEXCLUDE is evaluated before evaluating the associated TABLE or SEQUENCE parameter. Thus, the order in which they appear does not make a difference.

When using wildcards, be careful not to place them such that all objects are excluded, leaving nothing to capture. For example, the following captures nothing:

TABLE cat1.schema*.tab*;

The default for resolving wildcards is WILDCARDRESOLVE DYNAMIC. Therefore, if a table that is excluded with TABLEEXCLUDE is renamed to a name that satisfies a wildcard, the data will be captured. The DYNAMIC setting enables new table names that satisfy a wildcard to be resolved as soon as they are encountered and included in the Oracle GoldenGate configuration immediately. For more information, see WILDCARDRESOLVE.





TABLEEXCLUDE [container. | catalog.]owner.{table | sequence}
container. | catalog.

If the database requires three-part names, specifies the name or wildcard specification of the Oracle container or SQL/MX catalog that contains the object to exclude.


Specifies the name or wildcard specification of the owner, such as the schema, of the object to exclude.

table | sequence

The name or wildcard specification of the object to exclude. To specify object names and wildcards correctly, see Administering Oracle GoldenGate for Windows and UNIX.


In this example, test.tab* specifies that all tables beginning with tab in schema test are to be excluded from all trail files. Table fin.acct is excluded from trail ee. Table fin.sales is excluded from trail ff.

        EXTTRAIL ./dirdat/ee
TABLE pdb1.*.*;
TABLEEXCLUDE pdb1.fin.acct
        EXTTRAIL ./dirdat/ff
TABLE pdb2.*.*;
TABLEEXCLUDE pdb2.fin.sales