5.1 Deploying Solutions

You can choose to deploy your solution either in Online of Offline mode in Oracle GoldenGate Studio.

  • Online Deploy: Online deployments require that the Oracle GoldenGate instances associated in the deployment profile have both the manager and Oracle GoldenGate Monitor JAgent is installed and running.

    See olink:GGAIN

  • Offline Deploy: Oracle GoldenGate Studio will generate the GoldenGate replication parameter and obey files and save them in a local directory.

The online deployment implicitly runs a validation check by pinging the GoldenGate instances that have been assigned as resources in the deployment profile and ensures that the minimum required parameters have been set for those data server types. Any parameter that is set and is not related to the data server type to which you are deploying will be ignored when generating the parameter and obey files.

You can also explicitly run a validation by selecting the green check mark icon in the deployment profile toolbar.

Before writing the configuration and command files, the JAgent backs up any files it is about to overwrite to the dirtmp directory of the Oracle GoldenGate instance. Any conflicting process will be stopped. If you did not deselect the start option in the Deployment Configuration options the process will be started once the new configuration files are created.

Once a deployment profile has been deployed you can view the deployment history and some simple monitoring matrixes in the Overview tab under Deployment Profile next to the Deployment View tab. Deployment Configuration options can also be found in the Overview tab under Deployment Profile. Those options include starting all GoldenGate processes and performing full initial loads. Currently partial initial loads are not supported.

5.1.1 How to Deploy a Solution

A solution can be deployed in several ways as follows:

  1. Through Deployment Profile Toolbar.

  2. Through the context menu in Deployment Profile editor.

  3. Through the Projects Navigator Deployment Profile Node.

For example, to deploy a solution through the Projects Navigator:

  1. In the Projects Navigator, select the Deployment Profile you want to deploy and right-click to select Deploy.
  2. Select between Deploy or Generate GoldenGate Files. Deploy is used for online deployment while the files generated by Oracle GoldenGate are used for offline deployment.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to continue with deployment.

For offline deployment, you can select a directory to save the deployment files.