Step 3: Enter the PDF request settings

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Step 3: Enter the PDF request settings

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  1. Enter the PDF Request Settings.
    • Use the Include data as of date and time setting to include all data available at the current date and time or up to (as of) the date and time you enter. The earliest date you can select is the enrollment date of the first subject. See How does the Include data as of date and time option affect the output?
    • Export Selection Criteria—Select All Subjects or click By Subject to select individual subjects. See How do I define the Export Selection Criteria?
    • To include blank forms (without clinical data), select the Generate Blank Forms setting.
    • To prevent comments from being added to the output PDF, select Prevent Form Comments Changes. Select No to allow comments and annotations.
    • To prevent contents from being copied from the output PDF, select the Prevent Content Extracts and Copying setting.
  2. Click Next.

    The Review and Submit page appears.

    Tip Tip: The sponsor has set a maximum number of PDFs you can generate per session, corresponding to the number of subjects you can select for each archive. CRF Submit generates a separate PDF for each subject.

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