Step 1: Enter the study information

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Step 1: Enter the study information

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  1. On the Site Archives page, click Create Site Request.
  2. On the Study Information page, accept the default PDF Request Name (composed of the study name and the current date-time) or enter a different name.

    Tip Tip: The name can contain blank spaces, but no special characters. For example, Mass General Blank Forms 2.

  3. Enter a PDF Request Description (optional).
  4. From the Select the site for the request drop-down list, select a site.
  5. Click Next.

    The Form Options page appears.

Tip Tip: To the right of most data entry fields is a Help icon (). Click it to see data entry requirements. Dismiss this tooltip by clicking anywhere. Select the Click here to see example link to view the effects of selecting the option.

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