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Download archives and reports

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  1. On the Site Archives page, click the Download link or the date of a previous download in the Download column. This downloads the entire archive.


    To download an individual file from a site request, click the Request Name to go to the Request Details page.

    1. Select the checkbox of a file with the Ready for Download state.
    2. Click Download.
  2. Save the file(s). We recommend that you save the file(s) to a local machine and then extract the output from the downloaded ZIP file.

    Tip Tips:

    • The name of the ZIP file matches the request name.
    • If the output exceeds 500 MB, CRF Submit chunks the output into 500 MB files.
  3. Extract the output from the ZIP file.

    Tip Tips:

    • If you view files without extracting them in the ZIP tool, the hyperlinks in the files might not work correctly.
    • For history requests, you will receive the request output in CSV format for use with a spreadsheet application.
    • Requests are kept for 120 days after they are generated and then purged automatically. You can manually delete archives if you wish.
  4. To return to the Site Archives page after the download, click Return.
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