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Start with a test run

Why should I do this? Create a test run to confirm that your settings result in the desired archive. A test run is identical to a regular PDF request, except that the test run is limited to one subject and one study version.

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Tip Tip: After you have downloaded and reviewed the output, you can select a test run from the Completed page proceed with the PDF request.

  1. On any My Requests page, from the Create Requests drop-down menu, click Create Test Run.
  2. On the Study Information page, specify a PDF request name and description. Click the Help icon () for details and sample output.
  3. Select the PDF request type and click Next.
  4. Complete the Forms Options page and click Next.
  5. Select one subject or one study version.
    1. For Submission, Archival, and Custom PDFs, select a subject and click Save.
    2. For Blank Forms Only and Custom Blank Forms, select a study version and click Save.
  6. Specify the Request Settings for the request type you specified. For details, see:
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review your settings and click Submit Test Run.
  9. Click No, Go to Processing Page.

    When complete, the test run PDF request moves to the My Requests - Completed page. Yes in the Test Run column identifies the request as a test run.

  10. On the My Requests - Complete page, select the checkbox of the test run and click Download.

    (Optional) To edit this test run before downloading it, select the checkbox of the test run, click Edit Test Run, make changes, and submit the test run.

  11. Save the file. We recommend that you save the file(s) to a local machine and then extract the output from the downloaded ZIP file.

    Tip Tip: If you view files without extracting them in the ZIP tool, the hyperlinks in the files might not work correctly.

  12. Review the output.
  13. Continue creating test runs or on the My Requests - Completed page, select a test run (has a Yes in the Test Run column) and click:
    • Proceed with PDF Request to edit the request options and settings and submit the request.
    • Clone Test Run to copy these settings to another test request.

    In either case, the Study Information, Form Options, and PDF Request Settings pages are populated with the values in the test run request. You can edit the settings before submitting the request.

What's next? Select the type of request you want to create and follow the directions in this chapter.

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