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Monitor request notices

Why should I do this? View notifications to see when archive and report requests have completed, failed, or been downloaded.

Tip Tip: You must activate this feature on the Settings page.

  1. In the Notifications section on the left, click Request Notices.
  2. (Optional) Filter the information within each column heading:
    • Request Name—Default or user-defined name for the request. Click the Request Name to display the request on the My Requests-Completed page.
    • Notification Type—Status or action with which the email notification is associated (for example, Completed or Failed).
    • Email Sent—The date and time when the email notification was sent (in GMT).
    • Email Status—Message status. For example: Sent means the email notification was sent successfully.
  3. To view the notification details, click the Details link in the Details column to see:
    • Subject—Subject line of the email message.
    • Body—Content of the message.
    • Email Sent—Date and time the notification was sent.
    • Sender—The email address of the sender.
    • Recipient—The email address of the person who received the message.
    • Sent—Status of the notification. For example, Sent or Failed.
  4. To close the Details window, click the X in the upper right corner.
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