The audience for this upgrade guide is database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators. Upgrading Oracle Clinical requires the skills listed below. If you want assistance, engage Oracle Consulting.

Database Administrators

Upgrading Oracle Clinical requires a level of knowledge equivalent to having mastered the material in the Oracle Architecture and Administration course for DBAs. You must be able to read and edit SQL*Plus scripts, run SQL scripts, and review logs for Oracle errors. For ongoing administration, additional training as a DBA is essential.

System Administrators

Upgrading and maintaining an Oracle Clinical network requires expertise in the following skill areas:

  • UNIX operating systems

    • Creating and managing user accounts and groups

    • Upgrading Oracle database software and patches

    • Identifying space on a file system for Oracle database tablespaces

    • Setting and using environment variables

  • Microsoft Windows operating systems

    • Creating and managing user accounts and groups

    • Upgrading Oracle software

    • Managing settings through the Control Panel and Administrative Tools

    • Managing network printers

    • Creating services

User Documentation

The latest product documentation for Oracle Clinical and Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture Onsite is available on the Oracle Help Center at

Revision History

August 2017: First version of this guide.

April 2018: The second version of this guide includes information on prefixing the location for tablespace datafiles with the ASM disk group name in UNIX while running the installer.

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Access to Oracle Support

Oracle customers that have purchased support have access to electronic support through My Oracle Support. For information, visit or visit if you are hearing impaired.