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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide
12c Release 2 (
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Part I Introduction

1 Getting Started

2 Overview of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Part II Preinstallation Requirements

3 Meeting Hardware Requirements

4 Meeting Package, Kernel Parameter, and Library Requirements

5 Creating Operating System Groups and Users

6 Installing Cygwin and Starting SSH Daemon

Part III Installation

7 Installing Enterprise Manager System

8 Installing Oracle Management Agent

9 Adding Additional Oracle Management Service

10 Installing Application Dependency and Performance

11 Installing JVM Diagnostics

Part IV Setting Up and Using Enterprise Manager

12 Setting Up and Using Enterprise Manager

Part V Appendix

A Overview of EM Prerequisite Kit Utility

B Validating Command Locations

C Setting Up Proxy Configuration for Oracle Management Service

D Creating a Database Instance with Preconfigured Repository Using Database Templates

E Accessing the Enterprise Manager Certification Matrix