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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 1 (
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7 Configuring Postupgrade Tasks


Follow these instructions only if you are upgrading using the 1-System upgrade approach. Perform these steps in the Enterprise Manager Grid Control console of the earlier release.

By default, soon after the upgrade, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control automatically runs the deferred data migration process (DDMP) jobs. These jobs migrate historical data such as metrics, configuration, and so on from the format stored in the earlier release of Enterprise Manager to the format compatible with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. For more information DDMP jobs, see Chapter 26.

Depending on the size of your Enterprise Manager system, these jobs consume a high amount of Management Repository resources and take longer time to complete. In particular, when you upgrade using the 1-System upgrade approach, you might face resource contention as all the Management Agents will be up and running soon after the upgrade.

For better control on these jobs, you may choose to disable the auto-run of these DDMP jobs. If you do so, you must run these jobs later explicitly from the Post Upgrade Tasks page within the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console.

To disable the auto-run of DDMP jobs, follow these steps:

  1. In Grid Control, click Deployments.

  2. On the Deployments page, in the Upgrade section, click Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console.

  3. On the Upgrade Console page, in the Select Upgrade Type section, select 1-System.

    Enterprise Manager Grid Control refreshes the page and displays a table with a list of tasks you need to perform for the upgrade approach you selected.

  4. In the Preupgrade Steps section, from the table, click Configure Postupgrade Tasks.

  5. On the Configure Postupgrade Tasks page, select Disable automatic DDMP jobs.

  6. Click Save.

    Enterprise Manager Grid Control saves the information you provided and returns to the Upgrade Console page that shows a list of tasks to perform for the upgrade approach you selected.


If you want to run the DDMP jobs explicitly after upgrading to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, perform Step (3) as described in Tracking the Status of Deferred Data Migration Jobs—select each component and click Start.