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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 1 (
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28 Generating and Viewing Diff Reports


This chapter is applicable only for 2-System upgrade approach.

This chapter describes the following:

Overview of Diff Reports

Diff Reports provide information about the configuration or setup-related changes that were manually made to the earlier release of Enterprise Manager while it was being upgraded to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control using the 2-System upgrade approach.

In the 2-System upgrade approach, the earlier release of Enterprise Manager coexists with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control until the upgrade operation ends. In some production environments, the upgrade operation might take a long time to complete due to a large volume of data, and during this period, you might make some changes to the functional areas in the earlier release. For example, you might configure an additional location for the software library.

Such changes must be carried over to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control so that the upgraded system is identical to the earlier release. The Diff Reports show a summary of such changes so that you can manually redo those changes in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

Generating and Viewing Diff Reports

To generate and view diff reports, follow these steps:

  1. In Cloud Control, from the Setup menu, click Post Upgrade Tasks.

  2. On the Post Upgrade Console page, click the Diff Report tab.

    The Diff Report page lists the reports that were generated in the past for various components. However, when you visit this page the first time, you will not see any reports.

  3. On this page, you can do the following:

    • To generate the reports for various components, click Regenerate Report.


      On clicking Regenerate Report, the status in the Status column changes to In Progress. Keep refreshing the page manually until the status changes to Completed.

    • To view a report of a particular component, select a component (row) from the table, and click Show Report.

    • To refresh a report and view the latest changes related to a component, select a component (row) from the table, and click Regenerate Report.

    • To hide or unhide the table columns, or to reorder the table columns, from the View list, select an appropriate option.

    • To detach the table from the screen, click Detach.