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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 1 (
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30 Signing Off Accrued Data Migration Process


This chapter is applicable only for 2-System upgrade approach.

After you switch over the Oracle Management Agents (Management Agent) to the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, you can deinstall the earlier release of Management Agents. Instead of manually deinstalling the Management Agents, you can formally sign off the Accrued Data Migration Process (ADMP) for each of the Management Agents and have the Post Upgrade Console automatically deinstall them for you.

To sign off the ADMP process for each of the Management Agents, follow these steps:

  1. In Cloud Control, from the Setup menu, click Post Upgrade Tasks.

  2. On the Post Upgrade Tasks page, click the Sign Off tab.

  3. In this page, you can do the following:

    • To search Management Agents for which you have signed off the ADMP process, for which you are yet to sign off, or for which you are in the process of signing off, do the following:

      (i) From the Search Criteria list, select an appropriate option.

      (ii) In the Agent Name field, enter the name of the Management Agent. You can leave this blank if you want to search all Management Agents with a particular sign-off status. Alternatively, you can enter a part of the name and use wildcards to search for Management Agents with a similar name.

      (iii) Click Search.


      If you have not run the accrued data migration job for a Management Agent, then you cannot search and sign off that Management Agent. You will not find that Management agent even if you try searching for it using the search conditions.

    • To select Management Agents and formally sign off the ADMP process for each of them, do the following:

      (i) In the table, select the Management Agents you want to sign off. To select all the Management Agents, select Select All.

      (ii) Click Sign Off Migration.

      (iii) Provide credentials to access the hosts on which the selected Management Agents were running.

      (iv) Click OK.


      Once you sign off, the selected old Management Agents will automatically be deinstalled and removed, and they cannot be recovered in any way. Therefore, before you sign off, ensure that your Management Agents have switched over successfully and they are fully functional, and their targets are successfully being monitored in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

    • To hide or unhide the table columns, from the View list, select an appropriate option.

    • To detach the table from the screen, click Detach.