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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 1 (
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15 Providing Repository Backup Details


Follow these instructions only if you are upgrading using the 2-System upgrade approach. Perform these steps in the Enterprise Manager Grid Control console of the earlier release.

To provide information on when you backed up your Oracle Management Repository, follow these steps:

  1. In Grid Control, click Deployments.

  2. On the Deployments page, in the Upgrade section, click Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console.

  3. On the Upgrade Console page, in the Select Upgrade Type section, select 2-System. For information about these upgrade approaches, see "Understanding Upgrade Approaches".

    Enterprise Manager Grid Control refreshes the page and displays a table with a list of tasks you need to perform for the upgrade approach you selected.

  4. In the OMS and Repository Upgrade Steps section, from the table, click Provide Repository Backup Details.

  5. On the Provide Repository Backup Details page, provide the date and time when you backed up your Oracle Management Repository.

  6. Click Save.