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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 1 (
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14 Switching Over to Oracle Management Agent 12c

To switch over the existing, earlier release of Oracle Management Agents (Management Agent) to the newly deployed Management Agents, so that they can communicate with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, follow these steps:


Perform these steps in the Enterprise Manager Grid Control console of the earlier release.


If you are upgrading using the 2-system upgrade approach or the 1-system upgrade approach on a different host, then DO NOT switch over the Management Agent (central agent) that was installed with the old Oracle Management Service (OMS).

  1. In Grid Control, click Deployments.

  2. On the Deployments page, in the Upgrade section, click Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console.

  3. On the Upgrade Console page, in the Agent Upgrade Steps section, from the table, click Switch Agents.

  4. On the Switch Agents page, in the Provide Inputs section, do the following:

    1. Enter a unique name for the switchover operation you are about to perform. The custom name you enter can be any intuitive name, and need not necessarily be in the same format as the default name.

      For example, Switch_Agents_Phase1_2010_12_23


      The operation name you enter here is only a logical name and will be used for saving the details of the operation you are about to perform. After submitting this operation, if you want to track its status, then you can use the operation name.

    2. If you want to switch over the Management Agents for which you had previously performed a readiness check, then click the torch icon against Load Agents from Previous Operations, and select the operation you had submitted for performing the readiness check for those Management Agents, click Go.

      Enterprise Manager Grid Control populates the table in the Search Agents section with a list of Management Agents that are associated with the operation you selected.

  5. In the Search Agents section, search and add the Management Agents you want to switch over:

    • If you specified a switchover operation name as described in Step 4 (a), then search (or add) and select the deployed Management Agents that you want to switch over now. To understand how to search and add Management Agents, see Appendix G.

    • If you selected an operation name as described in Step 4 (b), then review the Management Agents that are displayed based on the operation you selected.

  6. After you add the Management Agents, select each of them from the Select column.

  7. In the Agent Credentials section, retain the default selection, that is, Use Oracle Home Preferred Credentials, so that the preferred credentials stored in the Management Repository can be used for this job.


    Ensure that the preferred credentials were registered with the Enterprise Manager system using the Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EM CLI). For more information, see Appendix F.

    You can optionally override these preferred credentials. To do so, select Override Oracle Home Preferred Credentials and enter one set of credentials that can be used for all Oracle homes.


    Ensure that you use the same credentials that you used for the existing, earlier release of the Management Agent

  8. Click Submit.

Points to Keep in Mind

Keep these points in mind: