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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 1 (
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Part I Introduction

1 Overview of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

2 Introduction to Upgrade Approaches

3 Things to Know

Part II Getting Started

4 Upgrading with 1-System Upgrade Approach

5 Upgrading with 2-System Upgrade Approach

6 Upgrading with 1-System Approach on a Different Host

Part III Preupgrade Requirements

7 Configuring Postupgrade Tasks

8 Identifying Host for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

9 Managing Software

10 Analyzing Your Environment

Part IV Upgrading Oracle Management Agent

11 Deploying and Configuring Oracle Management Agent

12 Generating Health Report of Deployed Oracle Management Agents

13 Verifying and Signing Off the Health Report of Deployed Oracle Management Agents

14 Switching Over to Oracle Management Agent 12c

Part V Upgrading Oracle Management Service and Oracle Management Repository

15 Providing Repository Backup Details

16 Upgrading OMS and Repository in Graphical Mode

17 Upgrading OMS and Repository in Silent Mode

18 Installing Software Now and Upgrading Later in Graphical Mode

19 Installing Software Now and Upgrading Later in Silent Mode

20 Upgrading OMS and Repository for 1-System on Different Host Approach

21 Upgrading Multi-OMS Environment

Part VI Postupgrade Steps

22 Creating Link to Upgraded Oracle Management Repository

23 Reconfiguring Oracle Software Library

24 Checking Agent Upgrade Status

25 Performing General Postupgrade Tasks

26 Tracking the Status of Deferred Data Migration Jobs

27 Tracking the Status of Accrued Data Migration Jobs

28 Generating and Viewing Diff Reports

29 Viewing Inactive Targets in the Upgraded Enterprise Manager System

30 Signing Off Accrued Data Migration Process

31 Updating Incident Rules

Part VII Appendixes

A Overview of Notification in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

B Overview of Metric Changes in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

C Identifying Jobs That Will Not Run in the Enterprise Manager for 2-System Upgrade Approach

D Meeting Prerequisies for Installing Oracle Management Agent

E Updating Server Load Balancer Configuration Settings

F Setting Preferred Credentials Using EMCLI

G Searching and Adding Oracle Management Agents

H Securing Oracle Management Agents After Backing Up Oracle Management Repository