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Oracle® Application Express Application Builder User's Guide
Release 5.0
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6.5 Editing Page Details

On Page Details, you can change the page name, alias, parent page, or page description.

To edit page details:

  1. Run the Websheet application. See "Running a Websheet."

  2. From the Edit menu, select Edit Page.

  3. One Page Details.

    • Name - Identifies the name of the page. The page name displays in the window title and in the breadcrumb.

    • Alias - A page alias enables you to create links in page sections to other pages. A page alias must be unique within an application.

    • Owner - Identifies the owner of the page.

    • Parent Page - Identifies the parent page. The defined parent page is used to construct breadcrumbs and navigation between pages.

    • Page Description - Descriptive text that describes the page.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

    A success message appears.


You can also edit page details by clicking Edit Page on the Control Panel.