The NsSample sample program

The NsSample demonstration program is a simple JDBC application that interacts with the Network Server.

The NsSample program performs the following tasks:
  • Starts the Network Server.
  • Checks that the Network Server is running.
  • Loads the Network Client driver. (Note that this step is not necessary if you are running the client on JDK 1.6 or higher. In that environment, the network client driver loads automatically.)
  • Creates the NsSampledb database if not already created.
  • Checks to see if the schema is already created, and if not, creates the schema which includes the SAMPLETBL table and corresponding indexes.
  • Connects to the database.
  • Loads the schema by inserting data.
  • Starts client threads to perform database related operations.
  • Has each of the clients perform DML operations (select, insert, delete, update) using JDBC calls. For example, one client thread establishes an embedded connection to perform database operations, while another client thread establishes a client connection to the Network Server to perform database operations.
  • Waits for the client threads to finish the tasks.
  • Shuts down the Network Server at the end of the demonstration.

The sample program files, both source and compiled class files, are located in the %JAVA_HOME%\demo\db\programs\nserverdemo\ directory if you installed the Demos and Samples for the JDK. See "Installing Java DB" in Getting Started with Java DB for details.

The source files are as follows:

    This is the entry point into the sample program. The program starts up two client threads. The first client establishes an embedded connection to perform database operations, and the second client establishes a client connection to the Network Server to perform database operations.

    You can change the following constants to modify the sample program:

    The number of rows that must be initially loaded into the schema.
    The number of iterations for which each client thread does database related work.
    The number of clients that you want to run the program against.
    The port on which the Network Server is running.
    This file contains two Java classes:
    • The NsSampleClientThread class extends Thread and instantiates a NsSampleWork instance.
    • The NsSampleWork class contains everything that is required to perform DML operations using JDBC calls. The doWork method in the NsSampleWork class represents all the work done as part of this sample program.

    This file contains helper methods to start the Network Server and to shutdown the server.

The compiled class files for the NsSample program are:
  • NsSample.class
  • NsSampleClientThread.class
  • NsSampleWork.class
  • NetworkServerUtil.class
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