Interface ConnectionRequestInfo

public interface ConnectionRequestInfo

The ConnectionRequestInfo interface enables a resource adapter to pass its own request specific data structure across the connection request flow. A resource adapter extends the empty interface to supports its own data structures for connection request.

A typical use allows a resource adapter to handle application component specified per-connection request properties (example - client ID, language). The application server passes these properties back across to match/createManagedConnection calls on the resource adapter. These properties remain opaque to the application server during the connection request flow.

Once the ConnectionRequestInfo reaches match/createManagedConnection methods on the ManagedConnectionFactory instance, resource adapter uses this additional per-request information to do connection creation and matching.

Rahul Sharma
See Also:
ManagedConnectionFactory, ManagedConnection

Method Summary
 boolean equals(java.lang.Object other)
          Checks whether this instance is equal to another.
 int hashCode()
          Returns the hashCode of the ConnectionRequestInfo.

Method Detail


boolean equals(java.lang.Object other)
Checks whether this instance is equal to another. Since connectionRequestInfo is defined specific to a resource adapter, the resource adapter is required to implement this method. The conditions for equality are specific to the resource adapter.

equals in class java.lang.Object
True if the two instances are equal.


int hashCode()
Returns the hashCode of the ConnectionRequestInfo.

hashCode in class java.lang.Object
hash code os this instance

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