Interface ConstraintValidator<A extends java.lang.annotation.Annotation,T>

public interface ConstraintValidator<A extends java.lang.annotation.Annotation,T>

Defines the logic to validate a given constraint A for a given object type T. Implementations must comply to the following restriction:

Emmanuel Bernard, Hardy Ferentschik

Method Summary
 void initialize(A constraintAnnotation)
          Initialize the validator in preparation for isValid calls.
 boolean isValid(T value, ConstraintValidatorContext context)
          Implement the validation logic.

Method Detail


void initialize(A constraintAnnotation)
Initialize the validator in preparation for isValid calls. The constraint annotation for a given constraint declaration is passed.

This method is guaranteed to be called before any use of this instance for validation.

constraintAnnotation - annotation instance for a given constraint declaration


boolean isValid(T value,
                ConstraintValidatorContext context)
Implement the validation logic. The state of value must not be altered. This method can be accessed concurrently, thread-safety must be ensured by the implementation.

value - object to validate
context - context in which the constraint is evaluated
false if value does not pass the constraint

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