The JavaFX 2 diagram shows the JavaFX 2 stack. The top layer, shown in a rounded red box, represents the JavaFX public APIs and the JavaFX Scene Graph. The next layer is the Quantum Toolkit. The third layer has the Prism (in a rounded blue box), Glass Windowing Toolkit (in a square beige box), Media Engine (in a square green box), and Web Engine (in a square orange box). The fourth layer consists of the Java 2D, OpenGL, and D3D. The Quantum Toolkit, Prism, Java 2D, OpenGL, and D3D, all shown in rounded blue boxes, make up the JavaFX Graphics System.The lowest layer, shown in purple, is the Java Virtual Machine. The Java Virtual Machine sits underneath the JavaFX Graphics System, Glass Windowing Toolkit, Media Engine, and the Web Engine.