This screen shows three rectangles with rounded corners that are stacked vertically and left-justified. Each rectangle contains other user interface controls. The first rectangle at the top of the screen contains three radio buttons aligned vertically. These buttons are labeled High, Medium, and Low. The High button is selected. Next to the radio buttons are two text fields aligned vertically. The top text box includes the text Your name. The bottom text box includes the text Your password. Next to the bottom text box is a drop-down list labeled English.

The middle rectangle contains two buttons and a label aligned horizontally. The first button is labeled Accept. The second button is labeled Decline. To the right of the buttons is the label Not Available.

The bottom rectangle contains a progress bar and a progress indicator. The progress bar is labeled Progress and consists of a narrow bar with a round indicator that is at the left side of the bar. To the right of the progress bar is a progress indicator that consists of an empty circle. Below the circle is the label 0%.

At the bottom left corner of the screen is a check box with the label Drag mode. The box is not selected.