This figure is an image of the grid pane shown in Figure 1-8 without the grid lines and with two horizontal, rectangular buttons labeled "Save" and "Cancel" added below the grid pane, in the lower right-hand corner of the image. The result is a grid showing a house icon and the title "Sales: Current Year". The subtitle "Goods and Services" is under the title. Under the subtitle is a pie chart that is 80% blue, which represents goods, and 20% pink, which represents services. The string "Goods 80%" appears to the lower left of the pie chart. The string "Services 20%" appears to the upper right of the pie chart.

At the bottom of the image and right-justified are the two buttons side-by-side. The first button is labeled "Save" and the second button is labeled "Cancel". Approximately 40% of the image between the grid and the buttons is white space.