This figure is a screen shot that shows the flow layout from Figure 1-10 added to the right-hand region of the border pane shown in Figure 1-9. The result is a slate blue bar with a horizontal, rectangular button labeled "Current" followed by a similar button labeled "Projected" on the left side of the bar. On the right side of the bar is a smaller rectangle with a question mark in it.

Below the buttons on the left side of the screen is a column of five rows of text strings: "Data", "Sales", "Marketing", "Distribution", and "Costs". To the right of the text strings is a grid showing a house icon and the title "Sales: Current Year". The subtitle "Goods and Services" is under the title. Under the subtitle is a pie chart that is 80% blue, which represents goods, and 20% pink, which represents services. The string "Goods 80%" appears to the lower left of the pie chart. The string "Services 20%" appears to the upper right of the pie chart.

To the right of the grid are the eight icons arranged in four rows of two icons each from the flow pane in Figure 1-10. The rows of icons increase the length of the screen leaving approximately 50% of the screen blank below the grid and to the left of the rows of icons.